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I only recently (2002) joined the digital ripping & burning fray. Better late than never eh? Editing my own digital CD-R compilations is one way of re-organizing a bit of the music I've accumulated over the years into some sanity. If one can call the digital world "sane". The digital paradigm allows for easy duplication, and that means sharing them is quite easy. So far, I've barely scratched the surface from my eclectic music collection of LPs, 45's, tapes, CDs & MP3's.

These comps are free for the asking to anyone who's musically curious. I send 'em out with simple covers (minimalist approach), but without any plastic cases (for mailing-weight reasons). Thin (mini/CDR) plastic CD cases are recommended. Anyone interested in expanding their musical tastes is welcome to ask for any. They offer a very small glimpse into what you might hear sampling albums from my collection in a real-world listening session with me. (but without having to put up with me... cool, or what?)


Simply click each CD's Vol # on the left pane for a listing of each CD-R's contents and background notes. Some are more detailed than others.

WHY? ...the morass of data glut

Despite it's accessibility, modern media (web, television, radio, print) has a huge shortcoming: our (eternal) adversary, time. Finding the time to search for or listen to new music is a challenge in today's busy world. The other problem we all face is the vast amount of information (Data Glut). There's simply too much information (let alone music) out there today. Choosing wisely is just much more difficult with today's dizzying array of musical product and information sources.

As much as technology has brought us depth and accessibility it's also brought segregation and confusion. These comps are one antidote to that cacophony & confusion. It's a scheme that echoes an older listening dynamic... radio.


In collecting music, I believe that even a SINGLE good song on an album makes it worth the effort to find such a cut. As for determining what is good, that's a matter of personal taste and beyond the intent of this page. All I can do is throw up an eclectic collection and let each follow their own passion, hopefully to find something satisfying.

My intent is not to make compilations of "popular" artists or common "hit" songs -- it's to feature artists that didn't get much public acclaim or attention. Some are just overlooked and unsung, going under most people's radar screens and to some degree, obscure. A few are outright lost musical gems. Hopefully all are musically compelling to the listener. Perhaps there's even a band or artist here that would have been your favorite... had you heard it in another time and place(?)


If you have a very mainstream or narrow (read:constipated) view of music... that is, if you don't appreciate jazz, R&B, classical, progressive, experimental forms of R&R, or other broad-based musical forms... and only like artists like Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston, Shania Twain, Toni Braxton, Celine Dion, Garth Brooks, The Spice Girls, Yanni, or Kenny G, et al... it's best you stop now. This probably ain't the place for you. The same goes if your only pleasure is rap or death-metal.

My initial focus here will be:
(1) Modern alternative rock-songs bands... harmony rock bands in the tradition of The Beatles, Kinks, Cheap Trick, XTC, Supergrass, etc.
(2) Progressive bands from the classic 70's era, including jazz-rock & fusion. This includes many European artists that are fairly unheard in the US, and many obscure British bands.
(3) Jazz, ranging from mainstream to experimental, from ambient to fusion.
(4) Harder styled R&R yet in a traditional style, ranging from classic R&B forms to 70's era punk.


Once upon a time I would record individual LP cuts onto Reel to Reel tape decks. I continued that when cassette decks got Dolby & closed-loop capstans. Both allowed easy access to the better cuts from a "too big" LP collection.

CD-R compilations is a natural progression of that. However, as fast & easy as "digital" is for copying, it's a daunting task to edit CDR's. Digital editing is much more time-consuming to (properly) record and digitally edit audio compared to the old tape days (turn on tape/ record/ turn off/ done!).

It's still tough to choose which cuts to use, from literally thousands. A CD-R disc holds but 80 minutes, not even a cassette's worth of tunes. Adding in time to create cover graphics and write background text... it becomes a much slower process than the old LP-to-tape days. So, for the time being anyway, time allows but a fraction of what I'd like to (eventually) get onto digital media.


At any rate... I hope you find something of interest here!

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