The Timemasheen CD-R Compilation List

Here's the short version of my self-made compilation CD-R's. Any are free to the curious or seekers of new sounds. Each is generally centered around a particular style or theme. Most of the artists tend not to be mainstream, and that's intentional.
These comps: have sample MP3 files available on the individual comp pages,
which are linked at the bottom.
The bottom lists those soon(?) to come.






Crush Something Alice

A collection of downloaded MP3 files from '00-01, decompressed to wav's and burned to CD-R.

Generally obscure 90's pop-rock & alternative bands who rely on melody and harmony.


Ready To Break

Another collection of downloaded MP3 files.

Same as above but more from a quieter and darker songwriting style.


What Are We Doing Here?

A collection of songs compiled after the death of John Entwistle.

For those who appreciate reflective lyrics and quieter, traditional melodic songs. Only one cut from John.


Guitar Heroes:
Under The Radar

R&R guitar heros of the early 70's

Somewhat obscure yet influential guitarists from the early 70's. Mostly rock, but some jazz & progressive variants too.


Buried Gems:
UK 65-69

3 Things here: 1/The Zombies [never released] album RIP. 2/One side from the Blossom Toes, a contemporary of The Beatles (but better). 3/Some cuts from The Bonzo Dog Band -- the classic British satire & parody loons.

A few cuts by 3 of Rock's more criminally overlooked bands.


That's The Way
...The Wind Blows

A collection of 2'nd tier British Hard Rock bands of the early 70's. Most are not really well known.

Classic Hard Rock in the style of their contemporaries Led Zep, The Who, Bad Company, et al.


Femme Fatale Vol-1
-- The 90's

Lesser-known 90's female artists.

A wide mix... hard rockers, to quiet singer-songwriters.


Search Breakup & Build

Small sampler of the early 70's Polish rock band SBB.

Classic Progressive rock and fusion of the early 70's era. As original and interesting a band as any of their day.


Beyond These Chilling Winds

Live guitar cuts. Some of those on Vol-4 above, plus some others in the jazz vein.

From mellow jazz to hard rock.


Things Of The Past

Melodic Power-pop cuts solely from the year 1997.

Alternative styled R&R in the Beatles/Cheap Trick school.


Hillbilly Heaven

A very early Western Swing sampler.

Although it's jazz & country styled music of the 30's & 40's this is aimed straight at R&R fans. IMHO These are the real earliest roots of R&R.


Nothing Beautiful Lasts

Sampler of the 90's Canadian rock band The Odds.

Hip alternative melodic rock in modern upgrade of Cheap Trick, Beatles, etc.


Many Are Called
...But Few Get Up

Some early 70's UK Hard Rock bands

In the same vein of vol-6, perhaps more progressive sounding. These are some excellent but lesser-known British Rock bands.


Jazzy Bluesy Breeze
(femme fatale pt2)

Some iconic yet lesser-known female songwriters and singers. Is that a paradox?

Features cuts in the jazz & blues style from the late 60's to the present.


Echoes of the Midnight Sun
  - part 1

Scandinavian & Dutch bands

Early melodic progressive bands from 68-75 on this initial part of a 4 vol set.


Echoes of the Midnight Sun
  - part 2

Some 60's Dutch & Scandinavian bands.

Early beat, rock, and pop cuts from 1964-69 on this vol.


Damaged Bad At Best

Rare live cuts by 4 of the 90's best singer-songwriters: Aimee Mann, Richard Thompson, Elliott Smith, and Juliana Hatfield.

Introspective songwriting & lyrics in the classic style of Dylan, Joni, Beatles, etc.


Hard to be Free

Early 70's European Hard Rock bands

Obscure Hard Rock bands from the continent (non-UK) including behind the Iron Curtain. In the style of bands like Uriah Heep, AC-DC, Aerosmith, Led Zep, Stones, Judas Priest (get it?)


Yellow Jazz Mix

Moods of modern melodic instrumental jazz

Includes Jazz & it's varients in the Blues, Fusion, Progressive, Funk & Rock stylings.


Right On, Fight On
Telling Your Fortune

More British Buried Gems

'68-75 UK Rock bands. Some rare, some not. Some hard-rock, some not. Many never released on CD.


Prog Hearts

Varieties of early UK Prog

4-CDR set of Songs-Harmony Prog, Classic Prog, Hard-rock Prog, and Jazz-rock Prog of 68- 70's. Only the more obscure bands (NO Yes, ELP, Tull, Genesis, PFloyd etc)


Suicide Won't Do

The RSM mix

Echoes from a Lost Genius


Kinky Kuts

The Kinks Komp

Kronological mix of less-heard early Kinks kuts.


Love is a Weird Thing

Male songwriter's songs about Love.

Artists & bands from the 90's.


Something's Gotta Give

Hard rock bands

Most below the radar during the 90's decade


Life is Just a Carnival

Some rarer Euro things.

Prog, fusion & electronic from France, Austria & Czech.



45's from R&R's heyday

Some hit R&B, soul, funk, pop & R&R from the 50's & 60's.


Another Piece of Cake

A Kingston Wall sampler

Mix of the mid 90's Rock band from Finland


All I Want Is Everything

A Live R&R Mix

"Classic" (hard) R&R... from the 60's to 90's... and both male & female artists.


Lost in the Wilderness

More UK Hidden Gems

Classic but lesser heard British Rock cuts from '69-'72.


Red Hot

The Sam the Sham comp

Overview of classic 60's artist Sam the Sham & the Pharaohs.

For more detailed info and how to get them go here.

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Take A Heart

Early UK:: Part 1: Beat

From Mersey & Blues to Beat & Hard Rock 63-67


Love is a Beautiful Thing

Classic American 60's Bands pt-1

Rock, Blues, Funk, Soul & more


Love, Dance & Sing

Early UK:: Part 2: Psychedelia

Psychedelic & Hard Rock 67-69


Dream All Day

The Beatles Legacy - part 1

90's alt artists influenced by the Beatles.


Echoes of the Midnight Sun
  Part 3- Rockin & Rollin'

Some late 60's/ early 70's Scandinavian & Dutch bands.

More traditional classic hard rock sounds from the 69-75 era.


Echoes of the Midnight Sun
  Part 4- Jazz/Rock

Some late 60's - early 70's Scandinavian bands.

Jazz-rock and fusion on this vol.