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Most music recordings never get widely heard. If you're musically curious and open to new & unique musical fare, you might find something of interest here. Although many of these music-related pages are of well-known artists, many aren't. Many have gone under the radar of even discerning music lovers. There's even more of the obscurer stuff I have planned for the future... but I'll try not get ahead of myself. Anyway, hope you enjoy the trip.


My musical tastes range from Classical to Jazz, but Rock & Roll still holds the high ground because of the amount of time and effort I've spent collecting and listening to it. I've personally played in all three genres as a musician, albeit a minor one. I'm eclectic to the extreme, enjoying original creative music ranging from 30's jazz and hillbilly-western swing... to classical composers like Edgar Varese... to modern R&R artists like Supergrass. I tend to avoid most of what is mass-marketed by today's music conglomerates who are more interested in feeding the lemming-like mass of consumers with rattle-brained, sappy, inane Muzak.

My R&R tastes are more diverse than most. I have a solid collection of American & British bands of the early/mid 60's era... a deep collection of 70's progressive bands... a good handle on the late 70's/80's independent, alternative & punk movements... and a large overview of the European Rock scene from the late 60's to it's later progressive movements.

The background music on this page is a midi version of Frank Zappa's Lumpy Gravy theme. (provided you have Javascript enabled). Hit your browser's "Stop" or "Refresh" buttons to stop or start the sound. I added it here because Frank's a favorite of mine... and to illustrate the following a bit...


I consider writing MELODY as the single most difficult thing to do in music. As much as I appreciate the talent & virtuosity of so many great instrumentalists out there, it's my observation that excellent pianists, guitarists, violinists, et al, are indeed everywhere... shall I (cynically) say "a dime a dozen"? Of course, that doesn't lessen my appreciation, admiration, (and envy) for them one bit.

Growing up in the 60's, I played and listened to a lot of R&R, and although I was not a particularly fervid fan of The Beatles, I came to admire them even more as I grew older. Why? Because they were masters of... Writing Melody. They did it week-in and week-out, consistently for about 5 years. That body of work stands alongside only a few others in the whole of 20'th century songwriting. And if you think writing melody is easy or simple to do, I challenge you to sit down alone at a piano and try to compose but a few simple bars of something that's even vaguely memorable or remotely interesting.

Just a few of my personal favorite artists, that reflect this ability to compose & write melody well, are The Kinks (late 60's), Kayak (early 70's), and Aimee Mann & Jason Falkner (90's). As songwriters they all also possessed that other, equally rare gift -- the ability to write superior lyrics.


In the spirit of what these pages are really all about, here are just 2 artists that illustrate my belief that there are many exemplary artists who fly under the radar of the fickle commercial music industry... that celebrity status hardly equates with talent or quality... and that obscurity is worth searching for.

The British band The Blossom Toes were easily the equal of their contemporaries The Beatles. On just one album side they showcase a talent in melody & lyrics with a cutting edge production style that surpasses even the influential Beatles themselves. Yet they were never even released in the USA. They are often narrowly referred to with terms like obscurity and mediocrity (if at all) by many so called "experts" and music writers... who should know better.

Likewise, R Stevie Moore, after getting his start in the 70's, has recorded and released hundreds of songs and recordings. Often off-kilter to many pop-sensibilities, most true pop-rock aficionados recognize the genius of a true artist. Although he has a loyal fan base and has influenced many artists over the decades, he's yet another artist who's been largely lost under the waves of the big music business and remains largely a cult music figure.

Both are unknown to but a very few. Sad... and frustrating. Such is the music biz. And it's partially why I started these pages.

These musical opinions are the result of my own musical journey. I consider myself musically informed, but... taste is taste and .... it's just one's person's opinion. I don't intend, much less pretend to change anyone's personal opinions or tastes here... maybe just expand them a bit.

Surprised?... Confused? ...Amused?