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I'm a record and CD collector, musician, and general lover of all things musical. I have more albums and such from the late 60's to the present than you would think was healthy (you'd be right). My overall tastes range from obscure 60's British Invasion bands like the Sorrows and Fleur de Lys... to modern electric jazz artists like Miles Davis and Terje Rypdal; from rare Western Swing bands of the 1930's like The Light Crust Doughboys and The Hi-Flyers... to 70's European progressive/jazz-rock bands like Dzyan and Kayak. Most of this music you've probably never heard of. But if you did, you might say "why haven't I heard that?... that's pretty good!" The answer to that... is a story for another day (er... page).

THE 90'S

This page focuses on the decade of the 90's, which saw two major developments:
  1) Musically, a move away from the glut of 2'nd-rate dance/techno/beat, & post-disco/pop/shlock of the 80's, towards more rock/songs artists. It was a renaissance of sorts -- reflecting back to the better aspects of classic 60's rock music... but with a modern tint to it. Songwriting, melody, lyrics, and musical production were re-discovered. (Hoorah!)
  2) The emergence of the personal computer impacted how music was starting to be heard and distributed. It's use for both editing and distributing audio, was faster and much different than anything in the past -- a true McLuhan-like revolution.


This Page is a cross-listing of artists compared with similar-sounding 90's commercial R&R artists -- it's intended to help music listeners get a better idea of certain artist's sounds... and to expand one's range of music. The commercial artists are listed in the left side of the table below... and the artists are listed on the right side. The artists on the left are among my favorites for the decade of the 90's. The list on the left is not all-inclusive, as many bands just do not have similar sounding artists at at least I haven't found them yet. [see the very bottom section of the table for these]

You can also save this page as a text (txt) file, and then print it out if you find it helpful to you.


* Finding some free songs from that are similar in style to a favorite artist of yours.
* Seeking out new commercial bands you may not be familiar with.
* Discovering new shit. (major pastime of mine)

** NOTE **
It should be noted here that in December of 2003 ceased their operation, at least in their old form. I've kept this page up since it has info on artists below that's still of general interest. There are still many other online sources of MP3 files, but understand the info directly below may not be of much relevance.... just a fact of life with the web, eh?

* Many of these bands may not have the cuts listed here still on-line. Online music is very fluid -- I purposely did not post hot-links for any cuts below because those links often change... songs get deleted... and bands often move their mp3 files to other servers. [see my link at the bottom of the page for those interesting in my CD-R compilations of various stuff.]
* The music represented here is generally from the melodic-rock/songwriter genre. No real jazz or folk etc... there's only so much time, you know?
* The artists below are listed in a general order... melodic-pop-rock at the top... to harder more traditional rock... to various female-vocalist/songwriters at the bottom.
* Only the CUT LISTED (at sounds like the artist at the far left. It does not mean any OTHER cuts by that artist do. The particular cuts listed below were chosen specifically because they have a close sound to the artists listed in the left column... other songs by them may not.
* "MusicMatch Jukebox" is an excellent software program to use for your MP3 files. (organizing and converting) It's available free on-line. Once installed, you can "associate" your downloaded mp3 files with this program.
* Some cuts by artists are NOT available to download. You CAN listen to them via the streaming link option. There ARE ways to record those "streaming-only" cuts. Drop a note for info on that. But, please go ahead and order any CDs by those artists at if you really like them... they need and demand your support.
* Each column below represents less than 1% of the 90's stuff I have... just an impossible task picking and choosing in today's breadth of music!
      Try a few... Expand your vision and horizon... and HAVE FUN!

(for those unfamiliar with it) is the most reliable music down-load site around. It is free; has a HUGE data base; uses very reliable servers; and is easy to navigate. I used artists available here because other similar music sites may have problems which might make people new to the web have trouble -- is very straight-forward.

You need only an-e-mail address to register at I suggest a free "junkbox" one at MSN for just such web-registrations. They can be deleted at any time, and require no personal information. (Microsoft ain't all bad).

To find an artist at, simply type in the artist's name in the search box near the top of the page and click "search". Then just click on the artist's name, and their page will come up. You can first listen to the streamed, low-quality version first -- click the "LoFi Play (dial up)" link. Then click the "open this file from it's current location" button -- then click "OK". The song will now stream. If you then decide to download the higher quality MP3 file for your permanent use, click on the other option (mp3), and save it to your hard-drive (into what-ever folder you want). Thats it!
turn up yer woofers honey!Note: The audio snippit that's embeded on this page is a midi version of Frank Zappa's "Little Umbrella's". (If you're using Netscape, I hope you have JavaScript enabled... otherwise you're reading this in silence.) It's looped twice -- just hit your refresh button to re-start it... or the stop button to stop it.

I originally had part of an acoustic version of Faraway by Supergrass as background sound. Really nice, but a little too large, file-size-wise... so it's been temporarily removed to speed up loading. Might be back... might not  ♥




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