WANT LIST - CDs or digital files of analog (LPs)

A short list of albums I'd like to get in digital form (CD, CDR or MP3 ver's). Most are things I've never gotten to hear, but some are. All are things that escaped my grasp for various reasons. And many/most are things I've never seen released on "official" CDs (yet ?).

They represent only a few in some 200+ pages! of "written down" wants... albums, 45's, & various cuts that I've either heard, or heard about over the last 40 years; and still need (er... want). It would probably take me 50-100 hours of work to type up that complete list. LOL! In the meantime... this will (have to) do.

Annabouboula- Greek Fire (CD: Sanachie SHA64027)
Sidd Martens- Land en Water (75)
David Byrne- Music from the Knee Plays
Lord Tracey- Deaf Gods of Babylon
Paul Brett- Clocks
Paul Brett- Schizophremia
Velvert Turner Group- II
Lynn Carey- Leave the Blues to Us (75) Cap
George Barnes & Bucky Pizzarelli- same (LP- A&R 7100/007)
Jackie Orszky- Beramiada (Austr)
Kandahar- Pictures of the Past (Bel)
Toto Blanke's Electric Circus- Tales of Tomorrow (Ger)
Association PC- Ear Wax
Association PC- Sun Rotation
Lilac Angels- I'm Not Afraid to say Yes!
Le Grande Nebuleux- Et les Laverurs de Consciences (Fr)
Rashehari- Newtone Experience (Fr)
Alice- Arettez la Monde (Fr)
Alice- Azimut (It)
Paolo Tofani- Indicazioni (It)
Luigi Nono- Come Una il Giorno (It)
Abraxis- Box (Cze)
Tea Company- Come & Have Tea (Smash)
PSI- Horizinte
Nessie- The Tree (Bel)
Jordi Sabates- Ocells del Mas Enlla (Sp)
D'Alma- same (Bra)
Morse Code- Transmission- same
Morse Code- Le Marche des Hommes (Ca)
Morse Code- Procreation (Ca) (Cap)
Dan Peterson- Voices of the Trees (Radex SDP-7906)
Gil Paiget- Jazzy Guitar (GJP?)
Jackie Lynton-any? album

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