Some (not all) of the latest junk is listed here. If you find errors or have browser incompatibility issues, feel free to let me know.

5-03- Changed the Cross-Country page navigation to a new Javascript code to limit server waste. (But you still need JavaScript enabled to navigate it).

6-03- Made a small Maya Deren gif, and used it to link the Film/Movies page from my bio page. The Film/Movies page will (of course) remain a "work in progress.

6-03-Added a flash animation on the "hoops" page to celebrate the UConn National Championship last spring. Also put up a new (smaller) version of the 2002 Big East championship page (photos), which requires JavaScript to navigate.

8-03- Put up some old photos of my Mom, linked on the "bio" page.

9-03- Replaced most of the old stuff on the server with a newer layout. Thank God for cable modems!

12-03- Uploaded a script for a feedback form which I've linked on many pages. You can now submit comments or questions very quickly (and without using any e-mail info).

3-04- Added a section on Robert Pirsig (w/links) on the bio page. Long overdue.

4-04- Took down the Shea Ralph hoop wallpaper collages I'd made.

12-04- Added a short "best of" page in the music section of my fave R&R artists. Some day I'll need to do a long version.

1-05- Added print declarations in the CSS of the music compilation pages. You can now print those pages free of images & in a paper-friendly way (small font size).

4-05- Finally finished my (long) article on the early Kinks. It's been rolling around in my head for many years. It's only for true fans, and early ones at that.

9-05- Put up a few cartoons under the humor link on the bio menu page.

10-05- Changed the title graphic on page-3 of Saona's story to a Flash image. I originally used a script & filter, and although cool, it only formats in IE... and even I'm using Firefox these days. Flash is pretty much fully compatible across all browsers.

10-05- Changed Mark Block's Aimme Mann article to CSS instead of the HTML I orginally coded it in... about time too, yikes!

11-05- Added a few sample MP3 files on some of my music CDR compilation pages.

4-07- Added a dozen pages of home-built speaker & electronic HiFi projects under the tech page. Small, but it's a start.