A U D I O   H O O P   H U M O R ?

This page has 3 MP3 audio files for downloading at the bottom. They're strickly for entertainment only. I may add some similar things... we'll see.


This 5-minute audio file is from the intro to an Ira Glass This American Life radio show (WBEZ). The full show was called "The Animalization of Animals," and this is part of the interview with Samantha Martin, who trained raccoons to play basketball. Yup! I compressed it quite a bit, which is the reason for the poor audio quality. You can search online to find more info about the whole (much longer) show, which I believe is streamable (from National Public radio?).


After watching the UConn women win their 3'rd straight NCAA National Championship on April-6-04, I made a musical ditty. Winning's fun... and that game made me feel like beatin' a drum. (float mouse over pics)

Perhaps a fan or two will get a kick out of it, perhaps not... it's just for laughs sports fans. This simple tune is based around a basic rhythm, mimicking (perhaps?) the sound of bouncing basketballs, in a techno/ trip-hop style. I hope some fans will feel a little of the emotion I felt from this year's tremendous ride, and hear a little of the humor I saw from 2 of the most storied coaches in women's hoop history. Since Pat & Geno are nationally-known celebrities I sampled them, although quite minimally. (Geno's signature laugh... and Pat's unique repetitive verbal habits.)

  HOW?   (to answer questions some might have)
1- This was made quickly using ACID, a loop-based program. I prefer more complex programs like REASON, but this was much faster. Take it for what it is -- a one-off, simple percussion track, from mostly fooling around... in the glow of a national championship.

2- The MP3 file is 3.9Megs! It's encoded at 160Kb/s to better preserve the high-freq content of the drums. It will sound best if you have a sub-woofer (very cheap, and highly recommended for any PC's sound system). Headphones will give a better listen too.

TITLES... titles...

In the TV pre-game comments for the UConn-Tenn championship game, ESPN host Reece Davis asked the question: "...is this destiny?" I used that exact sentiment about "destiny" in the beginning of the tune, and considered naming it Destiny's Calling. I finally settled on Jivin' with Geno.

Interestingly enough, while out shopping today I got one of the brand new State Commemorative quarters in change. And it was of Tennessee. The words on it say: "Musical Heritage." So I offer my meager tune in musical solidarity with our Tennessee brothers and sisters. Although I'm not sure they had this in mind?   -jackson 4/7/04

Beat that drum Huskies!

Obviously... it's all in good fun folks!


Geno's book came out in the fall of 2005. It was the result of his talking about his life and basketball career with Boston Globe reporter Jackie McMullen. The interview here is a few months later from a radio interview with Ray Dunaway & Diane Smith on WTIC. I taped & edited it, so understand the quality is the result of many (technical) compromises. It's about 11 minutes and about 4 megs. Follow the instructions below.

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