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  CROSS COUNTRY:   Annual scene of the state's paramount cross country meets, this is Wickham Park, looking west toward the Hartford skyline. Today it's the scene for the two Connecticut State Open Championship races. Yeah, it's fairly hilly up here... the course is not for pretenders. I've put up a very simple 1-page look at the 2002 season for the ECC (Eastern CT Conference). Click above to enter.

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  TRACK:   Click above to see some of the 2001 ECC Spring Track season. This was my first foray into HTML coding and digital photography. Although it's been moved about to different servers over the past year, and some of the photos have been taken down, it shows some great high school track action, including the State Championships.

  DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY - bits & pieces:   This is one of the first digital photos I ever took (above). I'd just arrived at the Middletown Relays, and I was at the very far end of the track behind the fence where the goalposts would be, when I took this shot. It's a good 200+ft from me to Amy Hicks, the great Woodstock runner. She isn't even halfway down the backstretch here, running a leg of the 4x800m relay (& crushing the field). But this was taken without any telephoto or tripod -- simply an impossible shot with a 35mm at that distance without a huge lens and tripod. Any "normal" camera would require you to be 5-10 feet from the action for this view... I was well over half a football field away.

Of course, the orignal file is of much better quality than this web-version, which is compressed big-time for better browser downloading... but you get the picture: Digital Photograpy has arrived from a technological, cost, and quality standpoint. It won't kill large or medium format film photography, for sure... but it's a great new artistic tool. It has a lot going for it besides the advantages of lower film costs and easier editing (at the PC & away from the chemicals).