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E L E C T R O N I C S   &   D I G I T A L   J U N K

This page has some electronics & audio related junk... an avid hobby of mine. Also some digital-world things. It's pretty bare, but I hope to add more things down the road. Yeah... that's the Alias theme in the background.

PC Info

Here are a few of my own PC/digital tips. It's got some basic security tips, digital camera & graphics editing information, and some basic HTML/CSS info. All garnered from my rather limited web experience & lessons learned. Perhaps useful if you're a web newbie. Sorry... nothing for computer geeks.

Audio Projects

As a longtime audiophile, I've designed & built many audio projects. I always thought building your own speakers and electronics not only saves you money, but it's an artistic venture. The design of electronic circuitry is much the same dynamic as painting (graphic design) or other forms of artistic composition (writing, architecture, photography, film, etc). Outsiders might not fully realize that, seeing it strictly as a technological pursuit. But that's their problem. LOL.

Although it takes quite a bit of time to put up photos and edit the explanatory text for such audio pages, I finally got started here, beginning with some early homemade SPEAKER PROJECTS. Other speaker builders may find something of interest... if only for a few laughs. LOL.

I have some amplifier & other electronic audio projects planned too. Never fear... I'll eventually get around to putting up more soon.

Diversions & Weird

I DO have a personal BLUE BOX story. If you've never heard of a blue box's or phone phreaking, you're probably not alone. It does have similarities to today's interconnected digital world (the web), but long before the web existed. It's something I came across by accident many years ago and got peripherally involved in. Some might find it fascinating... if you're interested in technology, neat tools, or weird toys. I really don't know.

Other Links

I still plan to add a few fave (useful?) links on audio, technology, and related things here. There are already a few computer links on the above "PC hints and info" section.

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