These are 4 identical speakers, but finished with 2 different finishes. Each use a single 10" driver (Audio Concepts AC-10) in a 1'st order sealed configuration. Each driver cost $55 ('90). With no internal crossover, they're used as woofers with the flexibility that external wiring allows (to different/ seperate amps etc). They're similar in look & size to the Advent speakers of old, although these are only woofers & use a different (compliance) driver.

The cabinets are made of Oak plywood and internally braced. Two cabinets were finished in a natural oak finish (stain) that was then waxed & buffed. The other 2 were stained with a dark mahogany-like color, then topped with a few coats of polyurethane. Grilles are not (as yet) used.

BTW, as with ALL my home-made speaker cabinets, the external wires go out through a hole in the rear panel which is sealed with silicon... no binding post nonsense. Simple, cheap & elegant.

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