2002 ECC Cross Country

A few things were expected this season, with such great athletes as Meghan Owen and Gavin Coombs; but the season ended with much more. The ECC won 4 CT state team titles (of 12 possible), and 6 individual ones... plus the boys state-open title. Pretty impressive for our small number of schools.

This is a very brief look at the season. The number of photos here is small for two reasons...
 1) The web makes it difficult to upload more than a few photos without compromising one aspect or another... a digital fact of life.
 2) I just didn't get as many photos as I planned on this year. I missed meets, and the weather was often bad (can you say "mud"?), and I didn't end up in the right place a few times. I also took in some action in .mov file mode (video). Anyway, opportunities lost... and lessons learned.

Thanks to every runner who competed this year. One of my best memories of the season was watching the very last 2 runners at the girls ECC championship race -- just over the mile marker, they were already minutes behind Meghan Owen and suffering greatly, but still giving it their all.

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Graphics Note:
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Bear in mind these photos are about 50K each... for those with dial-up modems. It's all a compromise folks.

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