5-30/31 AND 6-5-01

The State Class meets were held at different venues, and on different days for the many different size schools in the ECC. It was impossible to see all the meets, and also impossible to see more than a tiny part of any meet because of the large number of events going on simultaneously... pretty crazy.

The good news was that the horrible rainy weather of the previous week disappeared just in time for the weeks action. There were sprinkles at both the LL & L meets, but it was mostly sunny, allowing the athletes to have a fair shot to give it their best.

Team-wise, the NFA girls won the LL State title; the East Lyme girls won the L State title; the Fitch Boys won the L State title; and the Montville boys won the M title. There were lots of individual winners as well. It proved correct what many fans and coaches had said at the ECC championship meet: that the ECC meet was as competitive as the up-coming state's. Unfortunately, trying to keep up with all the on-going action was difficult. The photos are highly edited... maybe 1 of 30 shots are online here...many events aren't even touched. Because of this year's unique amount of talent in the ECC, we tried to continue following most of those athletes previously covered here

Some of the early heats were very competitive, with only the final times being slightly slower. The 3 title races below were GREAT!

This is without any doubt, the single most physically demanding track event, so we'll start here.


Rachel Harrington stayed in front of East Lyme's Heather Stevenson down the stretch to win the 800m in 2:21. Heather took 2'nd, with team-mate Erin O'Connell taking 7'th place.


Conard's Livy Lewis & Danbury's Soule Golden played cat and mouse the whole race. Lewis wanted to take back the lead starting the last lap, but thought better of it. She would have had to run wide all around the 1'st turn to do that. Coming round the final turn it was clear it would be a duel, with both runners looking extremely strong as they upped the tempo. Indeed it went down to the final 10 or 20 yards before Lewis prevailed in 2:22. Conard won all 3 girls distance events. (more to come here)


After having already won the 1600 meters earlier in the meet, Meghan Owen could have packed up and went home happy. It tells you something about her competitive spirit that she wasn't afraid to risk losing a race; she stayed for the 800. She found herself in some real trouble as Rachel Harrington set a wicked pace. With 200 yards to go, it appeared Rachel was stronger, with no let-up in pace. It would take a 200m sprinter type of show to overtake her. With about 100 yards to go (above), you can see the concern on Meghan's face as she had to really fight for this one. Rachel ran 4 seconds faster than the L meet above, but finished .68 secs behind Meghan. Amy Hicks, also above, finished 1.43 back of Rachel for 3'rd... and she did it after running the anchor leg of the first-place 4x800 relay team earlier in the day for Woodstock Academy. Amy had run her final 400 in that relay as hard as any runner I saw all day long... and there were a lot of impressive runners to be seen that day. Heather Stevenson, who had taken a 2'nd to Rachel in the L-meet (above), took 7'th place here for East Lyme & the ECC. 1,2,3, and 7...Not bad for track's most demanding event.

2 State records were broken in the sprints...
...and they are now up-loaded.