UConn Supershow 10-20-01

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I've been watching this team since being dazzled by Laura Lishness in 1990. She had a bit of the flair on the court that I've only seen from Diana since. Over the years, I've suffered through the bad times and injuries... and savored the good times [see above]. This coming season (2001-2002), looks like it could very well have some more good times. So... lets get started!


Animated gif's make your head hurt?
Me too!
The kids think they're...

Above: Diana shoots the lights out.

* These are my favorite memories from the show *

I'm putting up just a few shots...
...and putting it all on one page.
(that's why they make scroll wheels...)
So be patient... this might take a few minutes...
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Here's freshman Ashley Valley dribbling onto the court with her knees... very neat.
This is a frame from a .mov file.


Here Shea is introduced as one of the honorary coaches. The court is still covered with fog and smoke from the introductions, but Shea's golden glow cuts right through it.


Start of the scrimmage... still lots of fog and haze on the court.
Diana on the left with Jessica and Morgan...
...and on the right, Diana getting tips on being goofy from senior ringleaders.
Notice Geno is nowhere to be seen.


Speaking of goofy... check these clowns out.


Here's the cheerleaders... the dance group performed as well.


After the players fiery entrance, Geno took the mike and said that over all his years at UConn, if he needed one final-shot to win a game, there is one player he'd want taking it: Kerry Bascom. Kerry got a kick out of it as she stood for some well-deserved applause.
(I think she knows it's true)


Tonya Cardoza giving Shea some coaching words of wisdom.


An added bonus was getting to see Svet play. I would have paid to see her again on this court. She looked great too... fully recovered from her injury.


I especially enjoy the young kids at these games. These 2 were all the way up to the rafters when they saw themselves on the big-screen monitor. Every young kid should go to Gampel at least once -- even if they're not lucky enough to see the view from up there.


The seniors are all in great shape and ready to go.


Diana forces Svet to pass the ball.


Jessica Moore is hungry to get started after red-shirting. As a track fan, I thought her track-prowess (she was an all-state triple jumper in Alaska) showed in her graceful running style. And I liked how she didn't mess around after receiving the ball in the paint.


Sue guarding Svet.


Ashley Valley fouls Diana with a left-jab to the belly.


Could this be next years freshman class?
These kids look like they're ready to play right now. Some serious SIZE there for high-school kids.... guess that's partly why they're nationally-ranked players. Would have loved to see them suit-up and play a bit.


Swin looks serious here (but still stunning). Don't count out an All-American award to cap her senior season. I remember how impressed I was 3 years ago, at another supershow, upon seeing her play for the first time. She hasn't lost a bit of that intensity.


Ashley Battle coming off the bench could be a big reason UConn will wear down many teams. She looked good last year... she looks better this year. CD shares a laugh with Maria.


The guys had their hands full against these girls... notice the sweat on Svet's team-mate's jersey. Svet may have enjoyed this more than any other player out there. That's her giving 2 freshmen a lesson in the bottom-middle pic. Age-wise, Svet would be a senior now if she had grown up in this country... amazing!
Here's a quick look at Svet in sadder times.


High-five's and smiles for a nice job. "Coach" Rita Williams is to Shea's right.


Tonya on the left. Lots of hugs for everyone.
Wonkster's translation of the sign:

"Stay with us Svet
We've taken you into our hearts
Don't leave us for Europe
Connecticut is Paradise!"

That's it sports-fans!
Thanks Players!
Thanks Geno!
Thanks CD!

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