While making some back-up CDR's of some image and music files, I came across these pics I took at Conte Forum in Feb '01. I remember this was one of the first opportunities to see Svetlana after her UConn career-ending injury, and despite being on crutches, she was busy signing lots of autographs for many young kids and fans. The always-humble Svet still seemed a bit perplexed by all the commotion surrounding her. But I'm sure, many years from now, she'll look back on all that commotion with a warm glow. I don't know if she realized it at the time, but another New England sports-folk hero was on the other side of the court -- none other than Doug Flutie, who often works out with the BC players. [His Heisman trophy is at Conte] They each got rousing applause from the crowd. I would have loved to have them both pose together for a photo... but alas, being an amateur photographer in the stands, that wasn't possible. Do you think any of the professional photographers would think of doing that? Duh! They're only two of the most beloved New England athletes of all time. Opportunity... lost. Anyway, click below for another look at Svet that day. (Hopefully your browser will format Svet properly -- you'll need full Javascript enabled to see the animation.)

Cheer up Svet