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dancin dog 10-26-02 - all photos by jackson

The Big Dog 2-Step


This is my quick visual look at UConn's 2002-'03 season Supershow on 10-26-02. It's their annual pre-season scrimmage for the fans. If you read my comments below, and on the main page, it will allow time for all the images to fully download (for those with dial-ups)... so please be patient. Servers get hammered occasionally too... just like rush-hour traffic on the interstate. It's the simple reality of graphic-intensive pages like this one.

Bear in mind that these photos were taken with non-pro equipment, and understand that the editing process and web-optimization removes much of the quality and impact of the original files... your particular display settings may remove some more. As much as I'd love to put up 100 images, each at full screen size, it's an impossibilty with today's technology. Finally, these pages will format best with IE... other browsers will not FULLY show everthing here correctly... you were warned!

Part of this year's story (the BAD and UGLY parts), is a bit of an opinion slant of what I saw this year. It's given more as a cautionary warning than a bitter complaint, so I hope it's taken that way. It's also designed to help pass some of the 3-5 minutes time needed to download the entire page (for those with dial-up modems anyway). You can take it for what it's worth...

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the rest.

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The Rocky Mountain 2-Step