These are a just a few of the pics of this years Boston College team.
The biggest game was the visiting Vols of Tenn. The loss of Becky Gottstein to injury kept BC from having a much better year. There were still bright spots, despite a very tough schedule.

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Now, lets get on with the show...

April McDivitt guards Brianne Stepherson.

Hey... there's a player out of uniform in there!


Breezy During warmups (AK game)

Nicole Conway plays way above her height.

A very physical game in the paint.

Check your teeth Kim... half the team ended up on the floor like a bunch of bowling pins.

Clare Droesch contributed a lot for a freshman. A solid player for the future.

Another view of Clare.

Check out Becky on the bench as Breezy launches a three.

They actually called a foul against BC's Kim Mackie. What better position can you get?

Basketball's a NON-contact sport... right?

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