big-dog the RAC

The BIG DOG ate everything in it's path... Pirates, Wildcats, and Eagles.

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Now, lets get on with the show...

Sue Bird

The Huskies ran through the 2002 Big East tourney with an intensity that mirrored the traffic outside the RAC on the Garden State Parkway.

I'd driven the turnpike many times before, but never in the afternoon rush-hour. It was a trip... a cross between NASCAR and Mr. Toads Wild Ride (a memorable ride from my youth at the original Disneyland in Anaheim, Calif). Sitting at a dead stop one minute, followed by 85mph stretches just yards away from the car in front, all with 6 lanes of traffic doing the same insane thing. Just as dangerous, and part of the backup problem were the wonderful toll booths. Why do NJ residents put up with them? It took a horrific deadly crash on CT's turnpike to finally put an end to such craziness in our state.

But enough insanity... on with the show sports fans.

Asjha Jones
Sue Bird

The ease that UConn won this championship was scary. It was a premonition for the even bigger championship waiting for them a few weeks hence.

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