NFA : State LL Champions 2001-2002


PART 2 of the NFA 2001-2002 Season

This page focuses a bit more on Krista Rappahahn, who will be playing next season for division-1 athletic power Stanford University. It's not easy to end your high school basketball career as the best player to ever play for NFA, as there have been many other great players over the years. Krista is undoubtedly that special, joining past graduates Marci Glenney and Saona Chapman as picks for the top player in the State. Although Krista is not a ball handler in the manner of a true point guard, she does everything well, and plays with such an intensity and controlled focus... that she is really something to watch if you appreciate basketball. What she can't accomplish with quickness or brute force, she does with her smarts and savvy. If you're not giving 100% attention when playing against her, she'll make you pay by capitalizing on mistakes and missed assignments. She has an innate basketball mind that allows her to react instinctively to make the right instantaneous desision to either pass, shoot, or dribble.

Almost as impressive as her academic record (ranked 2'nd in a class of some 500) is her team's high school winning record of 106-2. One loss was on a buzzer-beater in a state-title game, and the other was in an out-of-state tourney to a national power. Certainly those wins are the result of great teammates, but it's just as certain that without Krista, NFA would not have won 3 State Titles.


She can pass... and yes, she can shoot... she can really shoot.


Playing a little at the point.


Battling for a rebound.


Bringing the ball up the court.


Krista's defense is superb. In addition to knowing all the fine points, it's her intensity that causes the most havoc for opposing teams.


Very relaxed and humble, yet confident... and when the whistle blows, focused as a laser.


This photo and the ones right below are from the state semi-final game against Manchester. Krista came up really big in the season's biggest game to that point. She affirmed her statewide acclaim by scoring 32 points, and in the process became one of only 12 CT players to score over 2,000 points in her career [she ended 10'th all-time]. This from within a team-oriented offense, and from a player who was usually on the bench during the late stages of most games. She also had 8 rebounds and 4 steals in this game.

4 4

Krista gives a glance toward Courtney... who instantly delivers the ball to her scorer.


Special K


A legacy that will not soon be forgotten by area basketball fans.

A 6 minute radio interview with Krista during her senior year,
after she committed to Stanford, is here. Right-click & save.

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